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Maat Home Pyramid (intensified energy source ver.2.0)

With shipment by Russian post for $10
Base price: $6,200
quartz crystal pyramid

energysource 9ENERGY SOURCE ver.2.0 (intensified):


– 7-level energy source with 4-phase system;
– tuning on 7 human energy centers/chakras;
– 7 central crystals and 28 auxiliary (35 crystals in general);

The individual adjustment to the owner is available.

Ver.2.0 of the home pyramid energy source provides more intensive influence than standard equipment. Tunable on 7 human energy centers (chakras) it has 7 central crystals and 28 auxiliary (35 crystals in general). This type of energy source makes the impact of the pyramid more tangible and is recommended for people with a prepared energy system (regular sport, energy practices, etc.) 

This is the first store that sells products that have been processed for a long time in a modern healing pyramid built from concrete on the place of power according to the ancient canons. All varieties of the "Wands of Ra", the accessories and home pyramids are manufactured on order and undergoing pyramid exposure within 12-day cycles. This endows the "Wands of Ra" with special properties and allowing the immune system of the human organism interact with them quicker and deeper. The pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg (Russia) is working since 2008 and is the most powerful one on the planet.
novikov kiselev pyramid 01

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