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wands of horus quartz 3The main purpose of the Wands of Ra «QUARTZ» containing large-grained quartz is the antistress effect. This is a good device intended for people with weak energy system or/and an intensive lifestyle accompanied by stresses and large workloads. Being a soft-influence type of the wands this instrument allows you to prepare your energy system for wands with more intensive influence (MAAT-6, MAAT-9, MAAT-12) and feel the mechanism of Wands of Ra action in general.

The filling used for this type of wand is specially selected quartz with a general stimulating effect on the human nervous, endocrine and immune systems, improving their condition, raising the overall tone of the organism and increasing capacity for work.

Their use gives a very positive in combination with salt baths in cases of arthritis, polyarthritis and arthrosis. With their gentle, yet deep effect on the human organism, the Wands of Ra QUARTZ are very effective for relieving stress, insomnia and nervous tension.

Any type of the Wands of Ra with a quartz filling normalizes blood pressure in hypotension and also in non-chronic forms of hypertension, restoring it to the normal level determined by the organism itself.

The Wands of Ra «Quartz» is the only recommended type of the wands that is allowed for use by people with weak cardiovascular system – after strokes and heart attacks.

The results of studies show that the use of field activation reduces the post-operative recovery period by 50–60%. When coupled with the simultaneous use of weak currents, the useful effect of medications is increased by 100–200%. Therefore the use of the Wands of Ra can be recommended for those undergoing an ordinary course of medication therapy.



wands of horus kontThe weak energy field generated by the Wands of Ra increases the energy of cells:

- the capacity of cells to take in energy increases by 35–40%;
- protein production increases by 70–75%;
- calcium assimilation is improved;
- connective tissues are strengthened;
- the healing of bone fractures is accelerated (especially important for the elderly);
- weak currents improve blood supply to the tissues;
- the activity of L-lymphocytes, necessary for the normal self-renewal of tissues and the preservation of high cell-growth potential, is increased by 70%;

The Wands of Ra «QUARTZ» large-grain are very effective in:

- Wands of Ra with a quartz filling help if you suffer from drowsiness or dizziness or are easily fatigued;
- relieving nervous tension;
- relieving stress and post-stress disorders;
- relieving bronchial asthma attacks (of a nervous character);
- restoring proper sleep patterns;
- restoring biorhythms disrupted by, for example, flights from one time zone to another (pilots, sportspeople, tourists, long-distance lorry-drivers and so on), for whom desynchronization of internal and external regimes in the organism cause sluggishness and headaches;
- relieving heart pains;
- relieving shortness of breath and palpitations from exertion in sufferers from ischemic heart disease;
- preventing oncology;


The «Quartz» wands type is recommended for those who have weak and normal energy system. Use the all types of the Wands of Ra according basic instructions you recieve in the user's guide (see "The map of daily activity of meridians", "Contra-indications", etc.)


Active excipients: large-grained quartz.

Place of origin: Brazil, Madagaskar.

This is the first store that sells products that have been processed for a long time in a modern healing pyramid built from concrete on the place of power according to the ancient canons. All varieties of the "Wands of Ra", the accessories and home pyramids are manufactured on order and undergoing pyramid exposure within 12-day cycles. This endows the "Wands of Ra" with special properties and allowing the immune system of the human organism interact with them quicker and deeper. The pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg (Russia) is working since 2008 and is the most powerful one on the planet.
novikov kiselev pyramid 01

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